View: UST Curve Projected.jpg (2273×1484)

UST Curve Projected.jpg (2273×1484)

This is the most awesome interest rate graph I have seen in my entire life


Booboo, Degrowth Defined →Booboo, Degrowth Defined →
That is a cool looking chart 7/17/12
Coolest chart I've seen yet. Nice one Tim. 7/18/12
Kinda reminds me of the game my kids play at preschool with the parachute. It lays flat until the kids pull the slack out of it. Then all the balls on top scatter. Entropy. Disorder. Anarchy. 7/18/12
Adam GreenAdam Green
Okay, I'm going to re-fi again. I'm not expecting a deal like Suckerberg got, but 3% would be nice ... that's going to be "free" money over the course of the next 30 years. 8/3/12
Adam GreenAdam Green
I assume the color coding of this chart will turn red when the 30 year goes to a negative rate of return ... : | 8/3/12
I can't believe I paid over 3-grand in 'points' to get a sub-5% mortgage 3-years ago.... 8/5/12