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DOW, NYSE, Transports - Monthly - 11.30.16.png

DOW, NYSE, and Transports - monthly chart. This is not investment advice.


I can't wait to read the comments for this one. Better get my popcorn ready. 11/30/16
I hope you're right. 11/30/16
By the way, drops like this are still, in my mind, healthy corrections in larger bull markets. If prices get back to those yellow targets, I will probably be a major buyer/bull. Until then, I am a bear. 12/1/16
The DirectorThe Director
Brown, grizzly or polar? 
Or prizzly? 12/1/16
Nice Dink :) 
I see that you are approaching my camp fast regarding target 
(you were expecting to retrace all and even more than the 7y bull) 
;) 12/1/16
@Silver: Did I expect a retrace of the entire 2009-2016 bull market? I'm not denying that I did, I just don't remember that I did. But yes, with these indexes I think the what we are going to see is a "healthy" correction of the 2009-present gains at which point it will probably bottom in the yellow zones and people will be super bearish and that is when the market will probably bottom and rally to new all-time highs. 12/2/16