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Tim, I (I guess I also can say "we") understand how you feel.  
First I would like to say that I have great respect for you and what you already achieved. 
I would like to share a video link with you and the community, I do not agree with everything inside but IMHO it's worth listening. 
What he says is sad but I also laughed when he talked about crypto kitties. 
I would also like to share my opinion on what I expect to be great opportunities that I think are coming in liquid markets (I only trade liquid markets) 
_EUR/USD (expecting a big top between 1,21 and 1,22) and hundreds of pips retracement 
_Oil, I think you were right to be a bear, just early like I was. Opportunity to short above 62-63 now that the 59 resistance passed. I still think it's going below 26 longer term. 
Gold I'm still long term bear but I would be very surprised to see it reverse with silver at 17. So I would expect some huge short squeeze in silver before and possibly gold underperforming


underperforming silver on the down move. Target, more than one hundred dolars even from here 1/3/18