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Waoooowww!!! Is it a joke??? Seems not 
If it's true that is a bigger fraud than bitconnect (didn't know I would have sad that one day!)


WOW 1/17/18
Lol, speechless ^^ 1/17/18
Seems like fearporn is still selling pretty well. 
If you check out Poloniex - you can do so without registering there -, then you can see, that now the sell wall is about 3.2 million. Its still above the whole coin circulation, there is only one problem, that the sell wall is in USDT, ie. in USD, while 1 ZEC is about 500 USD, so the whole wall is like 0,2% of the full supply. 
FWIW I do think there is something fishy with Poloniex, but posting every clickbait fearmongering stuff without even cursory investigation, is just full retard - and as we all know by now "Never go full retard" 1/17/18