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Update 6/9/15 - EEM fell beneath $41 area support, now trading a deeper pullback to 39-handle. 

Original Post May 10, 2015 -- Could emerging markets be rolling early?  

The weekly chart of EEM suggests that possibility after failing to close above $44 for two consecutive weeks, which is about $1 from range high on the weekly chart going back to 2011.  

A $41 re-test potential grows in the next month should we see sideways to bearish price action.



Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!Jesterx - Stop Losses Rule!
money M 
did you see my chart above the transports look sick, summation moves back to sell and NASI so this market is now under pressure. The good news is that it will present some outstanding buying opps for people that did not get in earlier in the year. 6/9/15