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I obv didn't expect such amplitudes but who could have predicted these flash moves with accuracy?  
Now I feel more comfortable because whe have had that new leg down in vxz and almost made a marginal new ATH in S&P futures  
To me, we are in the bull trap I expected and the real market reversal (retracement/big intermediate top) is gonna approach fast (crash,limit down, rebound to new highs in less that 24H is NOT the bear I'm expecting for, but you can see with my history that I'm often too much early)  

PS: what I'm speaking about here has nothing to do with Trump, I expect the market to plunge regardless of what would have or will happen politicaly


After everything that's happened in the markets in the last couple of days. I have to plead ignorance because a lot of stuff happened in the markets that was not obvious to me. I think Slim did a really great job in the last two presentations. If I had an options account I could easily have made a fortune with his threshold predictions on election night. Really loved his last presentation which was definitely a Captain Obvious revelation. 11/10/16
I agree! I'm heavy in puts on tech as well as calls on vix. Historically the market likes to restest those long wick candle bottoms. On higher time frame it might take months or years but historically the market revisits them and bounces or plummet. Gold is surprising me and nearing my stop so we shall what happens with that! 11/11/16
I disagree with you when you say "years" 
Maximum a few months IMHO (something like 5 or everything below that number) 11/11/16