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Da BearsDa Bears
sweet chart Faces! 5/13/13
faces in cabsfaces in cabs
thanks 5/13/13
Nice chart Faces. Is your gold drop correlated to a rising dollar? 5/13/13
Let's RockLet's Rock
Is that showing Gold was in a bubble and now popping? 5/13/13
Da BearsDa Bears
Notice, out of all the bubbles you charted, how the Golden one seems to have had more support on the way down than the rest, thus far anyways......... 5/13/13
faces in cabsfaces in cabs
When I trade gold, I watch the USD concurrently. I am presently short gold from 1471 (which I tweeted and posted on SOH). As long as the USD gains against the Yen and Euro, the USD should help gold. However, I would note that gold responds more directly to "national debt" and the recent effects from sequestration have taken that magic away from gold (thus the decline). 5/13/13