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US dollar chart is a mess. Targets mid-high 70's. Chart somehow spawned a screed about not joining cults if you want to click through the chart to orig. post. :-)


3 yr chart trendline was broken at 81 with support I think aound 79. Why isnt gold going thru the roof with this dollar so weak..... 10/3/13
Brian RipleyBrian Ripley
Re: "Why isnt gold going thru the roof" ...maybe because Copper and Crude are not either. Maybe with aggregate demand grinding lower globally, those who are over leveraged are selling assets to avoid dealing with margin clerks. It's just a guess. 10/3/13
Such a huge demand for the precious metals the last few months globally. Could u imagine if this beatdown in the metals and the miners started a panic selling of gold and metals in the next few weeks. With the amount of fiat currency between USA and Japan I coud not see anyone wanting to get rid of physical gold right now. 10/3/13