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Dec 15, 2016 - After a bumpy return to trading in 2016, I feel I've reached a place where I've ironed out the creases and have secured my edges for exploitation. Journalling has been the #1 help to me getting myself sorted out. This year I added a pain tracker and mood tracker to monitor if my psychology is at risk of affecting my trading discipline, added deviation bands to my risk controls, and started trading sectors instead of just the SandP500. I believe that as much as possible I need to have a context and an understanding of what price action means to trade affectively. If I'm sitting there wondering if I should get into or out of a position, then it's a sign that my rules are not defined enough. My goal is to at least double my account in 2017. 
Two Book Recos: Trading in the Zone by Michael Douglas and Trading Beyond the Matrix by Van K. Tharp

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