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Dow Momentum still at 1929, 1987, 2000 & 2007 levels


DrStrangeLove, OlusDrStrangeLove, Olus
You really leaving...I do not believe you...:}}} 1 week 5 days ago
Grin n Bear it - 2damoon!Grin n Bear it - 2damoon!
You waste a lot of time and energy with this Trump hate. He is POTUS now and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Spend your time on more lucrative endeavors. 1 week 5 days ago
Whether you leave or stay, thanks for sharing. 
All Slopers are awesome IMHO,here or away............. com/watch?v=HaA3YZ6QdJU&list=RDHaA3YZ6QdJU 1 week 4 days ago